Wednesday, 23 December 2015

December 23 - Charlie Waterstreet

My name is Charlie Waterstreet, I’m a legend yes I am
I dye my hair and wax my chest, I’m a metrosexual man.
Don’t let the wrinkles fool you, and the mane it is all mine
My fingers long and sensual, my sense of self divine.

I’m an author of great hubris, I’m a writer of great note
I’ve a column in the Herald, where I never do misquote.
I like to air my point of view, loquacious and effusive
But if you cross me, do beware, I can become abusive.

My persona it's a mystery, my psyche reinvented
Into a Rake named Cleaver, though my lack of luck lamented.
As I gathered up a harem, of angels it transpires
Who tend to all my wants and needs, though not to my desires.

Yet I’m decent and I’m honest, and if someone says I’m not
A writ I'll quickly issue, and I'll take them for the lot.
So when I said I’d pay you, that I’d meet your taxi fare
I wasn’t telling porkies, it's just that I don’t care.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

September 23 - Tales from the Attorney General

Justin Gleeson felt the wrath, of Attorney-General George
When Brandis tried to reign in tight, opinions he could forge
“No-one shall seek your counsel, without speaking first to me
And you shall not opine them, until my moniker you see”

George cried, "We discussed it", Justin said, "That's rot"
Had George misled Parliament? Was his reputation shot?
Firmly Brandis stood his ground, he wouldn't give an inch
No matter what they threw at him, the A-G didn't flinch

But Gleeson took his boss to task, a fire it was ignited
And ever it did still smoulder, until Justin he alighted
“I can’t work with a person, who can’t meet me with his eyes
I’m headed back to Phillip Street, and a definite pay rise”

Great leaders in Australian law, are not on George’s side
They say that he’s just balls’d it up, though for Brandis 'tis just pride
“Gleeson did the honourable thing”; yep, he really did say that
Which only goes to demonstrate, our Georgie boy’s a pratt

So the direction’s now redundant, now Gleeson’s fled the coop
George he got his outcome, though how lowly he did stoop
Absurdity it threatens, when Malcolm he must ask
George for signed permission, to send his Solicitor a task