Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September 9: Hey referee, what do you see ...

Hey referee, what do you see, do you see the same as me
That ball went four feet forward, what exactly did you see
Just where were you looking, where was your concentration
There’s two of you for goodness sake, you should be on probation

The obstruction rule it has you fooled, you do not have a clue
Did he run behind him, is that why he got right through
Was the tackler impeded, or did his choice just lack some skill
Stop watching other runners, keep your eye right on the pill

You’re not alone, pick up the phone, and put a call upstairs
There’s four of you to get it right, get on top of your affairs
If you can’t recall who threw the ball, please return your card
There’s too much at stake out there, and refereeing, it ain’t that hard

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