Monday, 15 September 2014

September 15: Happy birthday to me ...

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday, happy birthday, I am fifty-three
So now that I have said that, let me just say this
If you’d said thirty years ago, I’d have said, “Don’t take the piss”

When I went from single figures, I was really pretty small
I did grow up, eventually, but I never got real tall
At twenty-one I’d done six years, serving in the Navy
Sailing all around the world, on oceans deep and wavy

At twenty-five I tied the knot, our lives were rearranged
At thirty I was still at sea, but looking for a change
Then I started law school, at the age of thirty-five
When I finished four years later, I was very much alive

Before too long the thirties, were just a distant memory
And in the wink of a short working day, I was forty-three
I left the Navy, went out alone, working at the Bar
For a while it was quite scary, but I got through without a scar

So on this day, I’m here in Court, my mind is bending, where’s that thought
My final address, to the Jury, as I unleash, words filled with fury
With age comes wisdom, so they say, I’ll try to read that book someday
But for now, I’m fifty-three, please come share my day with me

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