Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 14: Oscar - Did he do it ...

So Oscar he is guilty, his crime it is manslaughter
The victim was his girlfriend, but someone else’s daughter
What they and others want to know, is will he go to jail
They wonder if the learned Judge, listened fully to the tale

Only one bloke knows the truth, and he’s said all he is saying
We don’t know if he meant to kill, or if he was just playing
Bullets in a darkened door, we may never know the truth
Is Oscar just lying, or has he told the truth

Whatever is the honest truth, it doesn’t matter much
Reeva’s dead, his life is gone, he’s lost his hero’s touch
Bladerunner once, oh yes he was, but that moniker has gone
If he doesn’t go to jail, how can his life go on

He’ll never have the life he had, I think that much is a given
I know for sure he wants one thing, and that’s Reeva with the living
But now it is all over, will he go to jail or not
I’m not bloody expert, and I don’t care one jot

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