Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August 27: I really miss you ...

You know I miss badly, and although it makes me sadly
I think about you every single day
It’s been ages since I’ve told you that I’m dying just to hold you
And that your memory will never fade away

Your charm was so alluring, and there is no chance of curing
This illness that is causing my decay
One sad day I might discover that you’ve found another lover
And then darkness will descend upon my day

So right now I need to tell you that I didn’t want to sell you
But when the passion disappeared you had to go
I was enamored by another, perhaps t'was your big brother
My heart told me that I should just go with the flow

So I’m sorry that you’re jaded, but best value saw you traded
And the new love in my life is just the thing
Don’t be sad that I’ve now left you, I loved everything we went through
But really, I could not walk past a brand new Wing

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