Monday, 25 August 2014

August 25: My very own Opal ...

I got this card for travel, on the bus, the ferry and the train
Supposed to make things easier, but I’m just feeling pain
Nothing seems to happen as I wave the thing around
It’s s’posed to play a melody, but mine don’t make a sound

I stand there at the barrier, as a line behind me starts
I tap and wave, to no avail, I want to rip this thing apart
No-one makes a comment, and I know they’ve been here too
Why is it that our government, does not seem to have a clue

The Opal card they called it, who dreamed up such a name
A rock of many colours, from way down deep it came
Did they dig this up from underground, polish it and make it pretty
Or did they make a plan, to make commuters shitty

I really do not comprehend, why they think that it is so good
When it fails test 101, by not working as it should
But you know, I persevere, I need to catch this train
I stand in line, just waiting, and do it all again

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