Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August 20: The charity shag ...

Kathy was a whistleblower, worked for the HSU
She saw some bad behaviour, so she thought of what to do
Told anyone who’d listen, of what she’d just discovered
But forgot the smallest detail, to keep her own arse covered

Some people with the power soon smoked her into sight
With Thompson doing time for fraud, the others saw a fight
Kathy got a summons, to make a trip  to the Commission
To talk about all her mates, taking perks without permission
She hopped the box and took the oath, gave evidence so fine
But when cross-examination came, she wanted to decline
The guy who then was on his feet, with her had had his way
She told the good Commissioner, she didn't want to play

She would not take it lying down, if you’ll excuse the pun
As the Barrister he pressed her, she saw a moment for some fun
She remembered many years ago, when she first met this fellow
When for a brief and hazy time, they shared their own bordello

She had to get her own back, this chance it could not pass
His needed to put him in his place, to sit him on his arse
So when her moment it was over, and interest began to flag
Her passion with that man she said, was just a charitable shag

A comment borne of bitterness, that did nothing for her cause
What really did the girl expect, instantaneous applause
It made her sound pathetic, as she aimed below the belt
He laughed it off, and aimed her up, clear victory’s what he smelt

'Charity shag': HSU whistleblower Kathy Jackson.


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