Sunday, 27 July 2014

July 27: Another day, another dollar ...

Another day, another dollar, whatever it is, less tax
One day soon when I’m not white collar, I’ll make some time to relax
Off to the beach, on the bike, in the car, it really doesn’t matter much to me
As long as I have some time with my girl, I’ll be happy as a fishy in the sea

I’ve worked for a time, combating crime, from the table up the front of the court
Sometimes you know, it doesnt go with the flow, and your trial you will have to abort
But on other occasions, I am just so amazin’, I can take evidence just like a champ
On other days however, my words are not so clever, and my questions I have to revamp

My witness he regressed, and I am not impressed, he’s changed what he said to police
If the jury cannot see that he’s lying to me, these criminals might soon be released
And that is not so good, as there’s one thing that should, be in little doubt overall
That these two should go, straight down below, and on their sword they should fall

The jury they listen as I shine until it glistens, the evidence of the accused
As they sit in the box and try to detox, the conduct and people abused
But the injuries show just how far they will go, for some fun and amusement at night
As they target the week, and its the loners they seek, anyone who will not put up a fight

But I go on with my task, and all that I do ask, is that you listen to what they will say
The sooner it’s done, then I can move right on, and the bad guys will be put away
For all of their talk, they sure ain’t going to walk, their fate it is all over and done
They are guilty we know, and to gaol they must go, and no longer can they bask in the sun

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