Friday, 27 June 2014

June 27: Yep, one more conviction ...

Yep, one more conviction, though against my prediction
I thought on this one we might very well fail
A robbery no less, but I must here confess
What druggies do paints a very strange tale

Congregated at home, in a group they got stoned
Till one joker pulled out some ice
A pipe and a flame, they began a new game
But what happened soon after was not nice

After smoking their crap, they all took a nap
Until one bloke woke up in a rage
"Where are my drugs, I will call in my thugs"
And he made threats like a dog in a cage

Then he pulled out a knife, threatened two with their life
Said "strip off and I’ll search you right proper"
He stabbed one in the leg, while the other one fled
And dialed triple “0” for the coppers

The old bill they arrived, heard a story contrived
And the bad guys took off like scared rabbits
One made a complaint, low blood pressure, looked faint
A symptom of his lifelong drug habit

A great hole in his knee was there for all there to see
There was blood on his clothing and face
An ambulance called, the cops were appalled
So to the hospital it was a race

An alibi was invented, his lawyers contented
Til the coppers they checked out his crap
On bail he reported, his alibi it was thwarted
Not in Orange but in Redfern he napped

Well I’ll just change my mind, I am so inclined
Not to rely on that alibi any more
Not a chance said the Crown, mate you’re goin’ down
Whey they work out you’re a liar for sure

But the judge with a frown, he said to the Crown
I cannot let this in, it reveals
That the man was on bail, his character's frail
He done time for break, enter, steals

So we didn’t get that bit in, but I closed with a grin
Identification it was second to none
And the jury they returned, his version they spurned
He came second, and the Crown, yes we won

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