Monday, 26 May 2014

May 26: Roger the Dodger ...

Chopper’s gone to heaven, Roger’s on the run
McNamara’s in custody, what is it that they’ve done
A young man with a backpack, caught on CCTV
Three million bucks in illegal drugs, they found him in the sea

What happened to young Jamie, what happened on that day
The Dodger’s gone to ground again, what is it he might say
On Monday two Detectives, got on a plane and flew up north
To interview old Roger, come on mate, come forth

I’m thinking that these coppers might know more than they are saying
We know that McNamara’s a grass, for a solution they are praying
Not a stone will be left untouched, poor Roger’s in their sights
Looking back over his shoulder, with sleepless, bothered nights

We know from our experience, that the tale will soon be told
I’m betting that two ex-coppers, in jail they will get old
For the young man who lost his future, in the drug trade so it seems
He came to go to University, but his greed cost him his dreams

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