Sunday, 25 May 2014

May 25: House of sin in Edgecliffe ...

There’s a brothel down in Edgecliffe, that’s just been in the news
The locals would be horrified that such a place is in their views
If they knew it was in their street, a new address they would all choose
There’s cars parked all down the street, but we just don’t know whose

There’s two blokes out there fighting ‘bout the future of the space
One bloke wants to knock it down and build flash units in its place
The other says you owe me, and that your conduct’s a disgrace
I loaned you a bunch of money and your idea I did embrace

There is a list of patrons, so the papers do decry
All kinds of well-known men at their leisure do call by
Lawyers, doctors, football stars drop in for apple pie
No names yet in the tabloids, some discretion they've applied

But I’m betting that it won’t be long ‘til we know their identity
Doctors, lawyers, pollies, and football stars we’ll see
Who call in for a bit of crumpet and perhaps a cup of tea
The world’s oldest trade still goes on, no problem can I see

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