Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 30: Reading the paper ...

I was reading the daily paper, this very afternoon
Reading all the headlines, the words and the cartoons
But what did I read, as I looked through all the pages
I read what reporters wrote, trading for their wages

I read of an aircraft, that’s been gone for three weeks
Of people in boats, about whom no-one will speak
Of police who sit on the wrong side of the law
And of politicians who’ll sell their souls for no more

So I turned to the sport, for some lighthearted reading
First there was racing, where it’s all in the breeding
Then I read of the cricket, where there’s talk of corruption
And then of the tennis, were the rain brings disruption

Then I went to financial, that I just don’t understand
I once made an investment, a bit less than a grand
Three years later I still held the same I put in
I get suspicious when my accountant speaks with a grin

I’ve read all the classifieds, things wanted, those for sale
But it's what’s inside the ads, it’s inside the detail
You want it, you buy it, now give me a price
Fifteen bucks a kilo, now isn’t that nice

Now I’ve read all the pages, my reading is done
I never knew reading the paper could be such fun
It’s so full of crap I really do not believe
Really just what it is it that they hope to achieve

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