Friday, 28 March 2014

March 28: Friscos it is up for sale ...

Frisco’s it is up for sale, the first time for a while
When I saw it in the paper, to my face it brought a smile
I’ve memories that go back a bit, to 1981
When I first came to Sydney, and discovered the house of fun

Paul he was the publican, JB and Helen served the beer
We’d shoot down there at lunchtime, and at four we’d re-appear
Five schooners in an hour, and I was just a pup
My shipmates they put me to shame, Giles and Happy chalked ‘em up

A famous early opener, we’d go down on Saturday at six
With the jazz band in the corner, playing all their tricks
I remember playing eight ball, sometimes we even used a cue
That versatile pool table, it sure entertained a few

The years they passed, the bar it moved, upstairs they turned out food
Downstairs it was just the same, where the sailors made the mood
Plasma TVs on the walls, some pokies came and went
The only thing that I recall was the layout of the gents

Fifteen years of living life, between schooners at the bar
But I sauntered in a month ago and it was like I’d not been far
I miss the old days, I miss my mates, I was twenty and life was grand
I miss drinking beer at 6 AM, and boy I miss that band

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