Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March 26: Is it Easter yet?

My trial it was abandoned, so I left the court alone
As I sat down in my Chambers, a noise came from my phone
I stretched out for the handset and held it to my ear
A voice came from the other end, “It’s the Easter Bunny here”

Okay, I thought, a smart arse, I’ll play your silly game
“Is that right Mr. Bunny, do you have another name”
He said that he was looking for somewhere to hide his eggs
“You’re a rabbit not a chicken, I think you’d better count your legs”

The phone went silent for a bit, old Bugs was on the hop
I could sense him on the other end, too far in to stop
“Oh very bloody funny”, he quipped with some annoyance
“Yes I bloody thought so”, I returned with some flamboyance

“Would you like a carrot”, I thought I’d tease him for a while
I had all day, my trial was gone, I was trying not to smile
“Come on Bugs, just do your best, how much chocky have you got”
Thank goodness no one’s listening, I must sound like such a clot

“I’m not some cartoon character, I am the Easter Bunny”
I held my tongue for just a second, did he know that was so funny
“I need a place to hide the eggs, so the children must work to find”
A flash went off inside my head, a thought flew through my mind

This furry critter on the phone was setting up a game
He thought that I was someone else, but I was not to blame
He was deadly serious, but I was just having a bit of fun
I had to bring this to an end, my enjoyment it was done

“Hey Bugs I got some news for you, who did you intend to call”
His tone changed as the penny dropped, “Isn’t this the primary school”
I informed him of his error, but he took it in his stride
"Well I guess I'd better hop away, I've a million eggs to hide"

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