Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 25: Felony murder in Indiana ...

Five men in central America, some still in their teens
Decided to rob an old man’s house, two were just sixteen
They thought the house was vacant, but they got an awful fright
When the old man he seized his firearm, and shot into the night

One boy was killed, one was hurt, the others ran away
But down in Indiana, the law will have its say
The old man shooter did no wrong, he was not charged at all
But the four criminal survivors, were about to take a fall

The felony murder rule it is not new, it was used on Ronald Ryan
As he tried to escape from Pentridge, and killed a copper tryin’
They use the same rule in Indiana, when a death results from crime
The four young men were sent to jail, for lengthy periods of time

None of the boys they held a gun, one did not even go inside
But the jail term that each one received, made the news worldwide
Of the Elkhart Four as they are known, each is now well incarcerated
For sentences of fifty years, their boyhood dreams deflated

Too long, too short, opinions vary, some say it’s much to long
A teenagers brain is not yet developed, they did not know it was so wrong
I don’t buy that for a minute, they took a chance and yep, they lost
Quite prepared to steal and rob, they're now paying the ultimate cost

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