Sunday, 23 March 2014

March 23: My tipping just sucks ...

I’m sitting here watching the footy, lamenting my choice in the tips
Last week I got two from eight games, and this week has not gone to script
My heart says always tip Canberra, but my head says don’t be such a fool
For consistently giving them credit, for my tipping I should go back to school

In three games I have lost by a field goal, in two others by less than a try
I don’t even know why I still do this, I should just turn it off and go cry
Now it looks like Parramatta might beat Manly, I’ll eat my rabbit skinned hat
I have not a clue how to do this; I would have thought that game was down pat

Six minutes to go and they’re losing; the Eels are two points in front
I’d hate to be near to Jeff Toovey, his language at times can be blunt
But how would you feel if you’re Parra, one game from their last seven they’ve won
Lost twenty away games in succession, how long can that just go on

But wait, Steve Matai has scored one, with less than a minute to run
Parra want the ground to open, so they can disappear and go home
Footy is such a cruel pastime, not just for the players and fans
Someone must have tipped Para, but their tips did not go to plan

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