Saturday, 22 March 2014

March 22: A plantation up north ...

It’s the middle of the night, and it just isn't right, as I sit here reading this brief
Got a trial starting Monday, I’ll be working all Sunday, as I prepare for the evidence in chief
I’ve read all the statements and all the reports, scanned the photos for something of use
There’s so much stuff to use, we just should not lose, but success can sometimes be obtuse

He lived in the city, but bought some land further north, from Bulladelah roughly an hour
He planted a crop of cannabis plants, over two hundred he nurtured to flower
A huge rain hit his crop, and when the flood dropped, much of the plants were destroyed
But the cops were on site, and they knew they were right, as surveillance devices were deployed

On a Saturday morning about two years ago, they drove north to tend to their crops
But hid in the bush, with videos on, were three of the Drug Squad’s best cops
Complete and utter surprise could be seen in their eyes as the coppers came out from their lair
“Get down on the ground, and put that spade down”, not a clue did they have they were there

Cultivating the weed is a serious charge, and he’s also charged with possess and supply
Telephone intercepts show he was quite the provider when his mates for more they did cry
So on Monday we’ll let a jury decide, as he points the finger direct at his best mate
Who was overseas when the cops got the tip, so it wasn’t him who cut the grass by the gate

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