Friday, 21 March 2014

March 21: Tales of Jack Tar

There once was a sailor, his name was Jack Tar
Spent his days chipping paint, and his nights in a bar
Had a straggly beard and loads of tattoos
Of tall ships and maidens, and his sweetheart’s name too

Of all of his squaries, he loved her the most
He told just that, every day in the post
He wrote of his love and how he missed her so bad
But never once mentioned the others he had

Now Jack loved a beer and he loved to tell tales
Of pods of sweet mermaids and humungous sized whales
Never was one to the let the truth interfere
As he cast out his spell as he sipped on his beer

The young sailors would gather as Jack he did speak
Every night in the bar, his tales were unique
He spoke of the times he had the times of his life
And of the girls in each port, and of getting into strife

He told his stories with passion, with pride and with feeling
And his eyes would mist over when spoke of hearts stealing
He talked of the seas, of the fear and respect
As waves punched the foc’sle, he never knew what was next

He told of his Captains, he loved every one
Guardians of sailors, but always up for a run
He told of his pride, as he carried the Ensign
And never one word of cashing his pension

Jack Tar was a legend, everyone one knew
But he was just made of parts, from me and from you
All the passion we hold of our time on the oceans
There’s mist in our eyes as we feel the emotions

Old sailors don’t die, they just turn to salt
Full of good deeds, but still with their faults
A million good turns, outweighs all the bad
Jack Tar was a sailor, best mate I ever had

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