Friday, 28 February 2014

February 28: From Nha Trang to Hoi An, that is our plan ...

Four days in Nha Trang, with all of the gang, we had a great time all together
We went to a wedding, and now we are heading, up north for more temperate weather
We flew for an hour, we passed the Flight Tower, and hit the ground with a bump in Hoi An
Three nights we’ve set down, in this historical town, then another flight north is our plan

A great holiday, for two weeks we’re away, but it seems like a month maybe more
We met up with old friends, and we’d do it again, there's so much of this land to explore
The food here is fantastic, our attention's scholastic, we’ve sampled the poor and divine
Stir-fried chicken and pork, I’ve had both on my fork, I’ve even drunk pure Snake Wine

But we’re in our last week, an extension we seek, but to work I must go far too soon
Dry season’s okay, but too long please don’t stay, or else you might meet a typhoon
That will uproot your house, remove both you and your spouse, and make your life a real mess
But soon we’ll be home, I’ll be back on the phone, and looking for work I confess

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