Thursday, 27 February 2014

February 27: Conroy, sit down and shut up ...

Angus Campbell got it right, when back to Conroy, he took the fight
 “There’s a cover-up here and you’re involved”, Conroy spat, but Campbell resolved
“I take extreme offence at what you say”, said Campbell of this poor display
The closest Conroy gets to Campbell’s caper, is when he reads it in the paper

You’d think Defence he might endorse, his old man a Sergeant in our Air Force
But he studied Economics at the ANU, then his political ambition he did pursue
Moved south to Melbourne, joined the Upper House, he might be pretty smart, but he lacks a bit of nouse
And he’s not adverse to helping out his friends, he got his dodgy mate a job with the NBN

Our border control operations, they don't disclose, and it’s getting right up the opposition's nose
But for many months no boats have reached our land, something Labor could not stop, now they just grandstand
Your sad attack on Campbell's integrity, was weak and it was gutless, but that flaw you could not see
Your ill-thought out desperate and misguided quip, saw your big left boot in your bottom lip

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