Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February 26: Wedding day ... for Barb and Daniel

We stand here in silence, your day it has come, your celebration has begun
Groups of friends and family, we seek shelter under shady trees
Down on the beach, so clean and white, we watch on fondly as you unite
And express your love and dedication, to and for each other, your confirmation

Two fine friends to all who are here, each one of us we hold you dear
You hear the water, you feel the breeze, it bends serenely through the trees
Gentle waves roll up the beach, while into our hearts your words they reach
Heartfelt words so softly spoken, a magic spell, never broken

To Barb and Daniel, this day is yours, one you will remember for ever more
The day you wed down on the sand, both lost in love, hand in hand
Precious memories of Mia Resort, where we all met to give support
To your union as man and wife; may you both enjoy a cherished life

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