Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February 25: This is their paradise ...

As I sat and ate my lunch today, I sheltered from the ocean’s spray
Another simply perfect day
Right here in paradise
I watched the boats sail east to west, and felt my heart pound in my chest
I thought to myself I am impressed
Right here in paradise

The beach is white, the sand is clean, the water's clear and so pristine
Did I tell you that my life’s a dream
Right here in paradise
I’ve tasted all the local fare, it tastes so good, it does, I swear
I did not leave a morsel there
Right here in paradise

I had a swim, I felt so good, I’m eating far more than I should
I’d exercise more if I could
Right here in paradise
Tomorrow is their wedding day, this is why we came this way
What more should I have to say
Right here in paradise

Tomorrow one more rhyme I’ll write, it might not be til late at night
But the syncopation it will be right
Right here in paradise
We came here just to celebrate, it is their time, it is their fate
We are here just to demonstrate
This is their paradise

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