Monday, 24 February 2014

February 24: Have you ever watched the traffic ...

Have you ever watched the traffic as it’s streaming down your street
Have you ever wondered why and how two people came to meet
Have you ever sat and listened to the tumbling of the sea
You’ll never need to wonder, when you’re right here with me

Have you ever pondered history and what has happened to our earth
Have you ever looked within yourself and wondered at your worth
Have you ever wished for happiness when your heart is sad inside
You’ll never need to think or wish, in me you can confide

Your world is full of wonders, but not all are clearly seen
Your heart is full of magic that keeps me in your scene
It’s easy to be hopeful when there’s hope inside your heart
A heart that’s full of hope is a heart with a head start

Have you ever sat watching as small children pass the time
Have you ever stood in wonder at a mountain you can’t climb
Have you ever contemplated at what you have become
You’ll never need to dwell on that, to your heart I did succumb

Do you ever think of where you’d be if you weren’t here with me
Do you ever sit and stare at things you’re sure you cannot see
Have you ever reflected on your life, and wished for something better
Or are you at your most comfortable in your old and worn out sweater

Our life is full of wonders, we’ve shared some hopes and dreams
Not every day is paradise, and we’ve had our extremes
But there are many more to come, good times for us to share
My life is so much more complete, just knowing that you’re there

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