Friday, 21 February 2014

February 21: Sailing up the Mekong ...

We’re sailing up the Mekong, and bloody heck it’s dark
N’ere a light for miles around, in the distance dogs they bark
The water is a dirty brown; it’s used for every chore
Bathing, cooking, wash your clothes, and know of at least one more

We stopped a while along the way, and went out for a ride
Seven miles we pedaled, nearly killed my tender hide
Back on the boat; a foot massage, a prod, a twist, a rub
A nice cold beer topped off the day, as we waited for our grub

Our tour guide’s name is Nhi, a tiny local girl
Forty kilos dripping wet, she wants to see the world
Only five of us on this timber junk, so restful and serene
Dinner isn’t far away, after riding, I’m pretty keen

The local fare it hits the spot, accompanied by some wine
The pork and prawns and rice paper rolls, tasted quite divine
Tomorrow back to Ho Chi Min, for one more night therein
Before we head north for the wedding, where celebrations will begin

I know it’s a great holiday, ‘cause it feels like it’s been a week
Off to see new places, sights and sounds just so unique
Rest and relaxation, a great thing you can bet
But I cannot post this rhyme tonight, ‘cause I’ve got no internet

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