Thursday, 20 February 2014

February 20: Fifty two today, fifty two today ...

Today it is her birthday, she has just turned fifty-two
Which is still a little less than me, so I guess that she will do
We are here in Saigon, just taking in the sights
It’s hot right now, but later on, there will be a pleasant coolish night
We went out for a walk today, to see the Royal Palace
Got a guided tour, but looks to me like a great big ranch from Dallas

A hundred thousand Dong is a bit more than five bucks
I lost my wireless connection, and my mental arithmetic it sucks
Half the bloody time I just do not have a clue
Did I just pay forty dollars, or was it fifty-two
The traffic over here it's madness in the extreme
We watch people cross the road, never again are they seen

I got some terrific photos of the mopeds at the lights
A bit like our Moto GP, but without all the fights
Very patient and so kind, these Vietnamese folk
None of them drink bourbon, so I’ve had theirs mixed with Coke
Tomorrow in the morning we’re going on a boat
Up and down the Mekong, I so hope it stays afloat

Tonight we will venture out for a flashy restaurant meal
For putting up with me, her reward is such a steal
Almost thirty years of life with me, her patience is outstanding
I am a very nice fellow, but I can sometimes be demanding
But this one is not about me at all, it’s about my bride Maria
Who even past the half century mark, is gorgeous, you should see her

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