Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February 18: The fall of a grubby little man ...

Please send a girl to my hotel
I’ve got credit; I’ll pay her well
But in a court in Melbourne he fell from high
Theft and fraud convictions, but would still deny
I did not do it, I have been framed”, the liar he did claim
But the magistrate he did not agree, awarding Craig the blame

Thomson could not lie straight in bed
That Union power went straight to his head
He helped himself to other people’s money
But when accused he thought it funny
I have an alibi” he told the press, but they did not believe
His wife she bolted and he kept it up, still trying to deceive

Labor dumped him, and then he lost his seat
His entire sad life lies dying at his feet
Such a poor example of an honourable man
Who in our Parliament once did stand
A thief a liar and a cad, his sad lies he just repeated
His lies and denials comprehensively defeated

On a day not far away, he's back to court for sentence
A not-guilty plea, means nothing off for repentance
Five years in jail for each charge he does face
But some people say he won't see a moment in that place
A grubby little man with a grubby little life
His ego took him to the top and then got him into strife

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