Monday, 17 February 2014

February 17: It moves your soul ...

I polished up my motorbike and set out for a ride
I put on my favourite jeans, to try to save my hide
I grabbed my trusty helmet; I put on my summer gloves
I put on my boots, I turned the key, this is something that I love

I’m belting up a three laned road, I’m scraping through the bends
All the time I am responsible, speed cameras are my friends
Never being stupid, and I never play the fool
I need to stop in not too long; I’m very low on fuel

I’m winding through the forests, the trees filter out the sun
As I lean into the corners, I’m having awesome fun
I watch the road with hawk like eyes, looking for the flaw
That could bring me down, I wear a frown, where I’ll finish I’m not sure

But today I need not worry, today is paradise
A great day out, and I’m safely home, the ride was very nice
I didn’t get a ticket, and I didn’t get a fright
After a fun day on the motorbike, I sleep peacefully at night

But I know at any moment, my good luck it could change
One inattentive driver, and my life might be rearranged
A moment of distraction, a loss of concentration
Might wreck my day, so stay away, or suffer my frustration

So if you don’t get that feeling, if you can’t feel the passion
If the reason that your bike is red is so you fit with fashion
If it doesn’t give you goose bumps, if it doesn’t make you whole
Then give it up and take the bus, it will never move your soul

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