Sunday, 16 February 2014

February 16: The man on the land ...

As I watched the morning news today, I saw our toughest folk
Trying to maintain their livelihood, even though they’re stony broke
I watched their cattle thin and starving, sheep that looked the same
I saw farmers who had nothing left; felt their frustration, felt their pain

There’d been no rain for three long years, then Abbott came to town
For a self-indulgent interview, and then the rain came tumbling down
Hard rain on tin such a welcome sound, drowned out the desperation
But months of rain like this they need, before life’s good on the station

As they told their struggling stories, tears welled in my eyes
Their strength and perseverance, they kept up their positive guise
Sixteen-hour days, seven days a week, they toil for no reward
They won’t give up, they will not give in, ‘til their land it is restored

But suicide and broken families, the men struggle to carry on
What once was a comfortable lifestyle, is very much long gone
When will the tide turn in their favour, when will the drought come to an end
When will their stock return to health, so to market they can send

Our farmers need a helping hand, to keep their lives on track
They’re not asking for a handout, when life’s good they’ll give it back
We hand out funds to losers, without a second thought
Lazy buggers who will not work, whose contribution comes to naught

Tony’s visit was very grand, but unless he helps them go the distance
He might as well have stayed at home, our farmer’s need assistance
Those on the land they are our backbone, we need them to do well
If they need our help we should put in, and buy what it is they sell

The tide will turn, the rain will come, their land it will recover
The days of old they will come back, good times they will discover
But until they do, they need our help, our support to keep on going
And when the skies they open up, their rivers will start flowing

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