Thursday, 30 January 2014

January 30: In the quiet carriage ...

I jumped the train, I’m headed home; I put my earplugs in my phone
Carriage one it has big signs, if you can’t read them, I’d say you’re blind
“This carriage here is not for noise, so keep it quiet girls and boys
Turn your phone to silent, keep the music low, and don’t talk too loud or out you go”

So I take my seat and settle down, but the bloke next door, he wears a frown
I watch his manner, he’s not impressed, on his face a view expressed
I pull Paul Kelly from my ears, his frown explained by what I can hear
With an Aussie accent, and far too loud, the driver starts to address the crowd

“Thank you for travelling with CityRail”; but wait, there’s more; he inhales
“Express to Wyong, just four stops, first there’s Strathfield, mind the drop
Next is Eastwood, then there’s Epping, as you alight watch where you’re stepping”
Is he finished? Nope, not yet; my neighbour mutters, “Give me strength”

“The carriages, the first and last, and the middle one”, he adds quite fast
“Are quiet ones, so keep it low”; Good then, that’s all? Right, let’s go
No, he’s off again, he's more to say, “CityRail hopes you had a very pleasant day”
That’s it buddy, now please desist, you’ve said your bit, he’s getting pissed

The sounds of silence are so serene, so very peaceful, or so it seemed
We’re still at Central, we’ve not moved a bit, but he’s off again, this Aussie git
“Thank you for travelling CityRail”, I lift my eyes, old mate’s gone pale
“We’re here at Central, leaving soon, we hope you have a good afternoon”

“Strathfield, Eastwood, Epping, Hornsby”; old mate’s getting quite annoyed
His commute to home has not begun, and his patience is destroyed
“The carriages at the front and rear are places where we don’t want to hear
Mobiles ringing, or voices shout, if that’s your want then please move out”

He pauses, and we think he’s done, but then he adds, perhaps for fun
“Please watch your step as you alight the train, we don’t want you falling and feeling pain”
My neighbour rises to his feet, he looks around and begins to speak
“I’m moving up to carriage two, if he won’t shut up, that one will do”

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