Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January 29: TLA ...

I’ve been on my feet all day, sparing with the facts
Each time I land a decent shot, I thought I could relax
But each occasion that I put one on, my rival got one back
If I could get this social media, I’d stop taking so much flak

SMS and Twitter, but Facebook leads the way
But when someone asks me “WTF” I don’t know what to say
Netlingo always leaves me lost, I just don’t have a clue
When I say WBS, is that me or is it you

I am a bit old-fashioned; I like to spell it out
But when I write in upper case, THEY TELL ME NOT TO SHOUT
All these acronyms I can’t recall, I have to keep a list
When I ask them to explain again, the Judge is getting pissed

I’ll give it my best shot; I have to have a go
I’m usually pretty quick; I’m not usually this slow
I’ve got my dictionary here; I’m going to do my best
So get your brain out of neutral, and try this for a test

BFF, that’s just GR8, please help me abbreviate?
IMHO you are a whiz, GOYA and try my quiz
OMG, you’ve gone OT, don’t you know I am myopic
KIS, I’m short on sight, so BFN, I’ll be back 2nite

BRB, my train it’s here, LOL, HNF
But I do not care for your POV, SITD, it STBY
I’m SOL, I missed the bus, TTYL, I’m going to cuss
WYWH, to ease the pain, of looking up them all again

SUP with U, RU OK, IDC, just wanted to say
BTW BIF BLNT, try the Internet
ADN I’ll get this stuff, HTH, I won’t be too tough
BBS, I gotta run, these TLA are so much fun

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