Friday, 24 January 2014

January 24: Cross examination ...

Cross-examination is the favoured occupation for those whose true vocation is to query
The key is preparation with a hint of perspiration while you sit in contemplation of your theory
With your best articulation you attempt manipulation of the factual situation that you face
In the end it's desperation that describes your situation, as you sit in condemnation of this case

Your own examination was a skilled annihilation, you felt the distillation as you toiled
But some very skilled oration in her re-examination saw your clever infiltration nearly spoiled
So with raw determination, and clear and cunning inspiration it’s with some anticipation that you rise
And your next interrogation was all just speculation but you sensed the pure frustration in his eyes

So you go on with consternation, and in your best enunciation, you seek an explanation of his role
While you wait in expectation, you make the observation that you’ve seen the degradation of his soul
He says with some frustration, and in a tone of indignation, that your chosen imputation is not right
I won’t give a declaration that improves your situation, or brings some restoration to your fight

No time for relaxation; as the Judge gives his summation, such a simple explanation of your case
A very lengthy presentation, but so little appreciation of the complicated station you embrace
But the jury’s vindication brings an immediate sensation; you feel the pure gestation of a song
You sense the culmination as you win this disputation, but your feeling of elation won’t last long

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