Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January 22: Dinner at the pub ...

We drove out to the Husky, to get ourselves some food
It took more than an hour, and the waitress she was rude
“It cannot be that difficult”, Josh told the serving girl
“There’s only just the five of us, you’re not feeding half the world”

Jemymah wanted pizza, Kim liked pepper steak
Josh bet on the seafood platter, Ben he went for flake
Paul he chose the surf and turf: prawns, scallops and some fillet
It took so long we twice refilled, so careful not to spill it

Now Josh he’s feeling poorly, must a been a crook crustacean
Oysters that don’t smell that good, causes appetite deflation
Some friends turned up, we had a yarn that stretched into the night
The waiter brought us three fresh shells, to make up for their blight

A pleasant evening all enjoyed, of worldly things we spoke
But Jemymah’s not familiar, with the Naval word for joke
Maccas, goffas, scran at six, and then we take the piss
Dhobey bags and gashies, she’s not putting up with this

But the RAAF is very proper, she tells us while we wait
You cannot use those TLAs, those acronyms we hate
We’re very prim and proper, in our uniforms so blue
Such crass terms for the toils of life, we are not used to

To meet and greet and get on well speak volumes for our views
One of us must prosecute, one act for the accused
Adversaries in the courtroom but outside we’re best of friends
Professionals we will always be, no matter how it ends

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